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That's terrific and most all of the other states in our nation have a good example to follow in your state of Utah.

Some are worse than where I live... in NC, you aren't legally allowed to carry in ANY place that you paid admission to enter. A sporting event, movie theater, or a model train display club.

In Ohio, I can't carry in a school. In fact, up until just months ago (September) I couldn't even carry in my person and sit in my car and pull up to the school to pick up my daughter. Right now, as the law reads, I can NOW pick her up when I'm carry as long as I don't exit my vehicle.

Of course, if I choose to exit my vehicle, I must leave my firearm in it, BUT THEN I MUST PARK IT OFF SCHOOL PROPERTY. Like across the street. Anything else is illegal, will have me jailed and revoke my right to carry.
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