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deer in my zone runs to jan 31. some zones go to mid feb mostly north jersey. m/l came in full swing just before christmas. been doing that every other day. and a few times of shotgun for rabbit/squirrel too that goes into mid feb. i miss m/l hunting so i didn't buy my shotgun permit. i should hopefully get up north to deer hunt with mikenbarb within the next 1-2 weeks.

coyote special season (24 hrs hunting ) comes in jan 19. so i'll be out during the night here and there looking to bag them. even found a few predator hunters in my area,can't wait to meet and hunt with them. after that i may woodchuck hunt.

then get ready for spring trout season,the pool season and saltwater fishing to begin.
range time is anytime.

and its time to buy another gun or 2.
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