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One thing I like to ALWAYS do when I post in a thread is to be sure I read the entire thread before I post. I do this in the hope to avoid saying something that's already been said. Because I don't get here every day, many threads get l-o-n-g and so I tend to skip the long threads because I don't have time to read the whole thread.

This topic specifically interests me, so I will post, but I apologize now-- I haven't read the whole thing! I plan to as soon as it reloads after my post.

I carry minus-1. My mag holds 10, so I carry 9 in it, and one in the chamber. (Glock 29) My reason is that there is a DEFINITE difference in resistance when I manually pull the slide on my pistol when the magazine is full.

Will that resistance from the FULL mag keep my pistol from cycling? I don't think so, but I've (so far...) forgotten to test the damn theory at the range. So, until I've range tested it, I won't do it. I also have four new magazines for the pistol I've purchased, but I won't carry ANY of those until they've been range tested, either.

It's my belief that if I can't solve it in 10, 11 isn't going to do it. It's not about "saving my magazine spring", it's quite simply that a fully loaded 10-rd Glock 29 magazine puts extreme pressure on the bottom of the slide of this pistol, and it makes a very noticeable difference when I pull the slide back, so I need to fully and surely range test it before I'll carry it.

Until I range test a fully loaded mag and 10+1 carry, I won't carry that way. That works for me.
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