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If you're threatened - ACT

What Coop said. Mindset is everything. I realize this is thread drift, but . . .

In the late '70's I sorta bought into the 'sensitve male' BS and found my self is a stupid situation where I was being physically abused by a twerp who I had 50-60# and 6" on, much to the amusement of his two buddies ( I was 6'3", 220# at the time, playing a lot of raquetball and swimming a lot of distance a couple times a week).

For whatever reason, the gestalt (sp?) switch finally flipped, I realized how silly I was for letting this happen - I can take this punk apart, and I went neanderthal on him - quick jab to the nose, left to the gut, stood him up with a knee to the face, and I picked him up and bounced him off a brick wall (his buddies had vanished, for some reason -), a couple of kicks to the ribs to make sure he was 'pacified'. It was immensely satisfying. Fortunately, there was no repercussions, i.e. LEO involvement . . .

I'm now a good bit older and no where in that kind of shape,but as someone said, a poor plan executed immediately is better that a brilliant plan on the table. If you're threatened, carpe diem if you can.

It's very hard to get across to today's crop of politically correct, diversity celebrating ninnies that you do not owe anyone who is threatening/intimidating, or even just bothering you any particular courtesy.

I know this has been discussed a lot here, but it's true - if they don't take a simple 'no thank you/I can't help you/etc.' it's time to get firm (and maybe loud) about 'leave me alone!' By all means, just get away if you can, but 'being polite' is little compensation when you're in the hospital.

Sorry for rambling, but bottom line, if you feel the situation is queer, remove yourself from the situation as best you can. Mindset!
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