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Living in Fla, the required course is basically one shot at the range and 2-3 hours of law review. The legal part was very informative and could have lasted a couple more hours for me. But I enjoy discussing facts and past cases to better understand how my peers will be viewing any case.

I've always thought that a single shot at the range is silly (you don't even have to load/unload) but if you look at the intent of the class, I guess it makes sense. Doubt anyone would appreciate if you have to do 40 hours of training, take a 3 hour written test and then qualify on the range w/ 50 shots at various targets.

Personally, I think everyone should take usage/tactics classes and as an incentive, I'd like to see the State give a discount on CCW fees for people who attend accredited training beyond the single shot.

I'd also think the State should have a quarterly newsletter online that covers changes to the laws, relevant cases and helpful suggestions.
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