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...And I'm not saying she isn't a coward.

There are officers on my dept. who locked their car door as their partner was getting their ass beat outside the car.... yes. Male AND female. There was also a recent incident where an officer curled up in the fetal postion during an attack... a male officer.

These are police officers. People trained to deal with violence. Here, in the DC metro area there are whole communities of people that will pee themselves instead of acting in defense.

It's sad but true. There's a trade off between being pc and being self dependant. When I use the word pc I really mean "metro." An entire society of "feminized" men.

these are the people that exist today. Perfectly functional and seemingly normal until a crisis arrises. These are the people on the news that are hysterically crying because a bomb went off or there was a shooting... as if they even knew the victim.

These will be the headless chickens running all over the streets when something REALLY happens.... and they're breeding! :barf:

"If chance be the father of all flesh, disaster is his rainbow in the sky. And when you hear a 'state of emergencies, sniper kills ten, troops on rampage, whites go looting, bomb blasts school,' it is but the sound of man , worshipping his maker." - S. Turner
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