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The first class I took, many years ago, was run by a Rambo-esque guy dressed in camo from head to toe and wearing jump boots. Looked like Tommy Lee Jones. He was a no-nonsense kind of guy that taught us how things will go if we ever have the misfortune to shoot somebody, or the great fortune to protect ourselves from a goblin, whichever way you want to look at it. The fact that a shooting team WILL be sent to your house to gather all the things that can and will be used against you in court to prove you a "gun nut", like simply keeping your best targets, or displaying your NRA stickers around. All derived from real trials, some won, some lost as far as the shooter goes. But win or lose, these points and ones like them were always brought up. I'm sure even sites like these listed on your computer are used against you by the prosecution, for that matter, though it wasn't mentioned. I found it interesting that the second class I took was pretty much devoid of this and far more "generic." It was pretty much gun-handling, laws, and range time, run by a gun shop owner and a lawyer, and like some of the above, I was appalled at some of the gun-handling skills of students in my over-crowded class.

I think real-world facts of today's shooting trials should be impressed upon every student. Personally, I do think everybody knows that everything is going to change if he has to pull the trigger. But too many think everything is going to be alright as long as they are justified. Unfortunately, it's generally not, at least not for a long while.
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