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Not bs. little bit annoyed? happy new year.
Fair enough....Yes, read last statement on post #13.....same to you...

I guess claiming it may be BS is harsh. But, as my wife said, screaming out to direct attention as if you're about to be assaulted is what is generally taught in general self defense classes that aren't firearms focused.

Seeing a woman respond in fright by merely turning her back and wishing it away is a tough pill to swallow. In my wife's mind, that means he wins. A woman shouldn't be subjected to that type of behavior and have the mindset to just turn around. I'm not saying she's a coward or anything of the sort. I just have a hard time with the fact that there's still too many women that are abused in this fashion.

It's too bad that not all women receive the training needed to combat that type of scenario. It's bad enough that there's too few armed women as it is...
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