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I'm also with Jolly 100% on this one. More time at the range would be nice, but I think the most important part is the academics.

The most useful part of my CC class was the personal stories told by the instructor. He really took a lot of time reading through police reports and news stories to see exactly what works and what doesn't. He also had a lot of first hand experience in both combat and SD situations.

The funniest part was the sweet old lady that sat next to me. When asked why we all wanted a CCW her reply was: "I've been carrying my .45 in my purse for fourty darn years and legal or not, I'm never going to stop. The only darn reason I'm here is because I'm tired of my grandson pestering the crap out of me. He's afraid I'll get arrested." (cleaned up version).
A hit with a .45 ACP beats a hit with a .22 LR everytime. A hit with a .22 LR beats a miss with a .50 BMG everytime.
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