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Two episodes, a couple months apart, at the same gorcery store (go figure). I was carrying a SIG 239 in a Galco Jackass rig both times with a lined nylon jacket cover garment.

First time was in the story, reaching for something on the top shelf, jacket unzipped. It apparently gapped enough for some woman about 6' away across the ailse to catch sight of the gun, and she started screaming, "He's got a gun!! He's got a gun!!" I yelled back, "Yeah, and I've got a permit, too, and if you don't quiet down, I'll call the police and have you charged with harassment!!" The look on her face - priceless.

Second time was a couple months later, blustery Spring day. I had my hands full of gorcery bags. I had left the store and was walking across teh parking lot to my car when a gust caught my jacket exposing the gun to a 60-ish well dress woman. I probably looked a bit embarassed, but she smiled, patted her purse, and said, "Smith & Wesson - don't leave home without it." The look on my face - priceless.
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