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In [occupied] NoVA, had the lady call the cops and complained, there's a fair chance the fool would have been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. NoVA is much less gun friendly than the rest of the state, and if an anti-cop shown up and it got to the wrong DA . . . .

A couple years ago, a couple of young men who were open carrying (legal in VA), stopped in at a Starbucks in McLean after a range session. Some blissninny freaked and called teh cops, and they weere arrested - seems that some of Fairfax's finest were clueless on VA gun law. Long story short, VCDL raised hell, charges dropped, firearms returned the next day, but a lot of stomach acid in the meantime.

The clod who threatened the woman would not have faired as well.
The Second Amendment IS homeland defense!

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