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I suppose I'll just keep practicing with the bow until next fall comes 'round. Put up a couple new stands, get ready to tend some plots. Now that it's the final week here all the hunt clubs are running their dogs non stop and ruining it for those of us who are trying to enjoy ourselves. I spent the last 2 days just out in the woods looking for late season signs, got another one with the bow a few days ago and that just about took the last little space up in the freezer.

I had been watching and tracking a big buck on our property for the last month or so, just hadn't gotten a chance for a clean shot yet. Not sure if it's the same one, but the dogs ran 2 huge bucks off our property and across another private tract over the past couple days. I know one of them got shot, not sure about the other. And it had been such a nice season too, hadn't heard barely any hounds all fall. Oh well, good times can't last forever.
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