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Most appear to center around a 6 to 8 hour long academic course covering the state's mandated material, and a quick jaunt to the range. Truth be told, I believe this to be a little *** backwards.
Different perspective: The primary goal of the state's CCW course is to ensure CCW'ers know when they CAN'T shoot, brandish, hold people at gunpoint, etc. They only care if you can shoot within fairly broad limits, hence the jaunt to the range. The really important part is instructing Joe Citizen that the CCW does not make him a one man police force, and he can't draw down on his neighbor that lets the dog dump in his yard, or the guy stealing his newspaper.

Lots of different reasons for getting a CCW, but your average Joe doesn't know didly about the law, other than what he sees on Law & Order. The state has it right because every guy who abuses his CCW makes it just that more likely that the public will want the CCW process returned to its more restrictive past.
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