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Originally Posted by DaveInPA
Would this be the right type of plastic? And do their prices look right for 1/2" stuff?
Don't recall what plastic family I used, they were scraps from work. Either Polyethylene or Polypropylene should work fine.

Originally Posted by at2000
How long have you been using the track system and how is it holding up? Also, what type of fasteners are those?
Been using this system for over a year, couldn't be happier. Fasteners are 1/4-20 button head bolts, flat heads, and socket heads. Used flat heads coming up from the bottom to mount the presses, nylon lock nuts on the top side. Holes on the bottom of each plate were counter sunk.

To attach the plates to the rails, early on I used socket heads w/hardened washers, later changed this and counter bored the holes, using button head bolts. All require an allen wrench for installation. I prefer using "T-handle" allen wrenches, no need to over tighten them.

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