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I would suggest getting a wheelchair and actually doing the same stuff you usually teach from the weelchair. Thinking about how it would be is good, but actually doing it and experiencing it is great. You could learn a lot of good stuff so you'll be very prepared to instruct them. And with your own wheelchair you can demonstrate, and you'll be ready to take on additional handicapped students later on.

I wish I could help more, I'm not an instructor, I'm just a student . I think it's great that you're taking a proactive approach to instructing wheelchair users. BG's love to prey on the weak. That's why the handicapped and elderly are often sought out as easy targets.

The answers before me are both great. I can't wait to read more because I've never really given this much thought. It would be good information to have on hand. Accidents happen every day and if my legs were suddenly taken away from me my whole tactical outlook would change a lot.
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