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Highlight the text that you want to quote, copy it, paste it into your post, and then click the quote icon that's the third from the right on the bottom row of the editing toolbar above the text entry window.
Like this. If you want to do it without clicking on the little balloon (third from the right, second row above where you type) go
paste in the test you just copied then type this
Or, click on the balloon that looks like a miniature page of a letter
then paste in the text you just copied.
Oh, how to copy. Just left click and move the cursor over the text you want to copy. That turns the text blue. Now right click on the blue text, a window will pop up. Left click the copy icon, it moves that text into your puters memory,(clipboard). Then when you create the quote area, right click in the message area the widow pops up, click paste the text will go between the quotes. Clear?
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