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A few years ago my brother and I were in a small town in CA at a pizza place eating with a friend. All of the tables were on an area razed about 6” around the sides of a large room. Nothing was in the center of the room, an area about 15 feet square. The floor including the razed sides and the center was ceramic tile. While we were eating and talking, my brother moved and his gun fell out of his holster, to the floor, down the 6” drop and bounced several times to just about the center of the room. I could not believe how loud it was on that tile floor. Every eye form every table in the room was looking from us to the gun and back. You have heard the saying “you could hear a pin drop”, well there was not a sound in that room. Even the kids were not breathing. I looked at the gun and at my brother and the whole thing struck me as funny and I started laughing. My brother got up, picked his gun up and put it away, and we went back to eating pizza. Not one person said a word to us. The police never were called. At the time my brother and I both had permits in CA, but I don‘t think the police would have though much of the show.

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