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funny enough i dont look for cw either...i normally 'pass them by' when looking around...hence i'd think i would get looked over too as i try to avoid the big give-aways...i'll have to play that game at the mall next time.

although i did chat with a guy at a book store the other day because he asked who made my bag...maxpedition...he obviously id'd it as a tacticool thing but we were both a tad coy about the fact. turns out he was affiliated with a company that makes shoot houses and we actually knew a few of the same folks....

without going off on the man bag/murse tangent...i have carried a mountainsmith lumbar back over the shoulder for over 20 the current crop of cool man bags covered in MOLLE is not a big deal to me, i have have a 'bag of evil' as MERCOP calls it, on my shoulder for a long time.

The gun usually stays on my hip but occ goes in the bag depending on weather and situation...anyway..i showed him the bag and it was a nice chat
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