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Originally Posted by hammer4nc
A question for the membership discussion, but especially for our moderators:
One question? OK, which one of the 5 your asked do you want answered?

Is the current incarnation of L&P considered to be a success, or failure, or somewhere in between? An exponential improvement in forum quality? Or sucessfully chasing away most of the previous membership?
The L&P forum is dead. The new forum, Law & Civil Rights (L&CR) does not include a political component per se - political discussion should be secondary (incidental) to the legal or civil rights issue being discussed. Anyone who persists in starting political topics or deflecting legitimate threads into a purely political discussion will be banned from TFL. No ifs; No buts; No second chances; No way; No how.

So far, the forum is a success. The signal to noise ratio is very high. That's as it should be.

Since the old L&P was open to all members, then closed to all members, there was no chasing anyone away. L&CR was opened to a select membership, in the hopes that it would provide a core group of people, who by building this forum would have a vested interest in keeping it noise free.

Loosening the current prohibition on free exchange of ideas? A dangerous prospect, or long overdue (depending on one's perspective)?
When the "free exchange of ideas" devolves into the type of gutter sniping the old L&P had become, then such "free exchange" will be curtailed. That was done. I did a study and the results were that fully 70% of the bans on TFL were due to the members involvement in the old L&P. Surely, no one can consider that good. For the members or TFL. Yes, it was that bad.

One observation; moderating L&CR has probably been about as difficult as moderating the SWAT magazine subforum, which must be a big plus.
Moderating the old L&P was about as difficult as herding cats in the San Diego Zoo.... Yes, it's been a nice break, thank you.

The nice thing about the current setup for the L&CR forum, is that if it should go south (ala L&P), a simple flick of a switch and it reverts to "by invitation" only. Those 80+ folks who are posting now, will be the only ones allowed to post... Once again.

Of course, these are just my thoughts on your "questions." The other mods will have different views.
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