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I was just at the 49ers game yesterday. I'm from NV and obviously couldn't legally carry in California. Needless to say, I left the gun at home.

This was only my second time at a game, and this time I ended up in one of their parking lots further back. Having seen what happens, I'll never be leaving an expensive belonging in my SUV again!

At best count, 7 vehicles around me had windows busted out. One guy was shouting at a girl who had come with him because she left her purse out in view and it had been emptied, so he assumed that's why his window was broke. As we drove out in the long lines, a back road that had been flooded with vehicles on the shoulder were also victimized. At least 12 vehicles, either still sitting there with broken windows or others already driven off leaving broken glass on the street. It seemed as if the vandals just walked down the back road nailing every single car. It was disgusting.

Unless you have a safe bolted to the frame of your vehicle, and hidden from view, I'd leave the gun at home when going to a game. It's what I did. The best I could do was to deeply conceal a small folding knife prior to walking to the security check point.
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