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This thread got me reading through all my old airgun books and before long i'm spending money

I've 2, .22 RWS air rifles, the 54 sidelever and the 350 break barrel. I had many issues with scopes that couldn't take the recoil but ended up with a bushnell banner 4x12x44 on one and a leapers 6x "bugbuster" illuminated on the other. Leapers mounts with both and i finally had 2 scopes that could take the "kick" without busting. Problem i found though, was the guns were too accurate for the fairly low power scopes on them. Couldn't see the squirrels eye at 35 yards to hit it.

So a new banner, 6x18x50 with appropriate mount, and a leapers 4x12x44 30mm illuminated with AO sidewheel and it's mounts are on their way.

Look very forward to messing with them once deer seasons out and squirrels are in..J.R.
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