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Just about everytime I place my finger on the trigger I get a "General Protection Fault at Page 001001:0fd100 Please press RESET or wait for the system to respond".

Then when I reboot it says "Your gun was not properly shut down. Now checking the magazine for your round."

5 minutes later as it's bringing up the OS screen I get a new error, "VMM64.vxd file not found or missing. Please return to vendor for repair."

So I packed each individual part in it's own separate box labeled "WARNING!! GUN PARTS!! KEEP SEPARATE!!" And took it down to the UBS station after calling the local precinct with my vehicle licence number and my "Non-reponsive target shooting" licence number to let them know the EXACT time I would be on the road and the EXACT route. Fortunately I was able to give them enough time to clear the streets for me.

The clerk took each box individually with gloved hands into the back to separate trucks and charged me the usual $100.00 "hazardous materials" fee + the $30.00 postage + the $45.00 for overnight delivery, as per the law.

He took the numbers of my licenses and my fingerprints and retinal scan, and swiped my BLUE CARD for $700.00.

The policeman that had acompanied me escorted me out and watched until I was off the station's property.

I'm so glad to live in the good 'ol USA where we have the right to keep and bear an arm...

"When freedom is at stake, your silence is not golden, it's yellow..." RKBA!
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