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Rembrandt's track is originally a Frameworld modular structure extrusion. Most of it is designed to work with the square underside of the head of either a 1/4" or a 5/16" carriage bolt rather than machinery T-nuts. Simple in principle. Not cheap per foot, but good stuff.

I like the concept, too. I've currently got too many presses rubbing shoulders on too little bench space. That system would let me customize a cart to store the presses and roll them out of the way, then mount them on the bench as needed. Good idea. By the way, slick as it is, if mounting loading presses is all you ever use the bench for, there is nothing to prevent you from surface mounting that frame extrusion. Bolts slide in the bottom as easily as they do in the top so they can be slid in and poked through holes in the bench. That way you don't require a bench top thicker than the extrusion if you don't have it.
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