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I don't recall saying anything about slow burning powder, but mid range power such as IMR 4895 which was the army just happen to use in the M1.

I think if any of you are serious about using the garand or any othe military '06 get a copy of Hatcher's Notebook, MG J. Hatcher and see for yourself.

While your at it, read the section on recoil ref: the Bullet or the powder hammering the op rod.

I got my DCM M1 in 81 or 82, and have shot everything imaginable in it (keeping the bullets @ 180 grn or lower).

Having said that, the 180s I used were the older 180 SMKs, the newer 180s are differant. The older ones are more like todays 175 SMKs.

Yes todays powder might be a bit differant, but they do make powder compairson charts.

One year I was running a sniper school (using M1Cs and Ds) we couldnt get ammo so I purchased 5000 rounds of comerical '06 in 165 grn. We had zerro problems. I've use the same ammo in 1919a4 & a6's. Except linking them was a pain in the butt.

I think before one writes me off as being full of poop, you should do a little research. I think you'll find Gen Hatcher is probably the most authoritive on the matter. Remember to check out the Recoil section of his book.
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