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I am in the market for a new scope. I am a pretty big fan of scopes with BDCs. I have been considering for a new target/tactical application, a Pride-Fowler model RR800-1 which can be found here:

I would like to correspond with anyone who has used one of these scopes. The few reviews I have found online give them favorable marks.

One of the features that I am interested in is the first focal plane reticule. To me, an FFP reticule makes a lot of sense on a variable power scope with range finding capability. The RR800-1 does not have a specific range finder built in, but the reticule appears to have enough reference marks that one could figure out an easy to use approach to range finding.

Some of the questions I have:

1. How does this scope compare to the Zeiss Conquest MC scope with the Rapid-Z 600 Reticle?

2. Currently, I only have access to a 600 yard range. Considering the upper end of magnification of this scope is 9x, and I find resolution somewhat marginal at 600 yds and 9x with my current scopes, is the glass on this scope good enough to have decent resolution at 9x and 800+ yards?

3. How satisfied are you with this scope?

Thanks to any and all who care to express an opinion.
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