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Did it require a lot of bedding?

How much was the stock?

(My Egyptian shows enough repairs to the wood that a backup stock might not be a bad thing for me to keep on hand...)

The stock was $300 and they told me "six weeks". That turned into beyond twelve weeks.

Looking back, I should've just waited and got a surplus stock for around $150 that would've been a drop fit.

Basically, right now, I just have the action fitted to the stock, but it's not bedded yet. I have a pretty tight fit going, aside from the gaping hole behind the trigger guard.

The long and short of this is that I would never do business with American Gunstock again. **** poor customer service and poor quality. Seeing as how they do a lot of mauser stocks, which are way more hassle to inlet, there is no way I would trust them to get me a properly done stock of any sort.

Poor service, poor workmanship. The taurus of

Sarco had 30-06 stocks on hand for around 70 bucks or so but I was told that you have to modify stuff to get them to fit my 8mm mauser model so I just ordered the stock new.

Like I said, I'd scan ebay and gunbroker and be patient until you can find an original. It'll be worth the wait, and as I said, you'd wait 12 weeks for your stock from American Gunstock anyhow, as nobody else produces a stock for these nowadays.
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