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FN-49 Owner's Room

These rifles don't seem to get much play. I know, they are few in number, but still, they are an awesome machine.

So I'm starting this thread for FN-49 owners to showcase, talk about, and discuss variations of and hand loads for this Rolls Royce of battle rifles.

I'm nearing completion of my project now. I need to bed the action and do some finish sanding before I tru-oil it.

I paid $350 for a barreled action. It only needed a new firing pin (the one weak point in this rifle).

For a stock, I ordered one from American Gunstock in CA. That was my biggest mistake, as the one they sent me (took way longer than I was quoted) was horribly inletted for this action. Way to much wood was removed behind the triggerguard. I called and complained, and all I got was a self righteous attitude from the brick brain that owns the company.

So since I didn't figure they would give me a full refund, I just put it together anyway.

Here are a couple of pictures for you:

I love this thing and can't wait to have it finished up!
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