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Sorry for the Poopie picture. But this is my 8mm project. MANNILICHER SCHOENAUER Kal 8 NCRM which is the 8 MM short or 8 X 51. When I got the barreled action it had been butchered, rechambered to 7mm. I'm planning on restoring it to original. Problem being, the 8X51 was a .318 bore, not the .323 normal 8mm's. I got the reamer and head space gages but I'm having problems finding a barrel.

Also Reloading data is gonna be fun too. The only mention I've found on it was from Sharps Modern Reloading. He mentions the 8X51 but only says, 'IF YOU HAVE ONE OF THESE, YOU'RE ON YOUR OWN".

Oh well, it it was easy, it wouldnt be fun.

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