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I bought my son a CZ 452 and since then I (owning only Remingtons) have spent a fortune trying to outshoot him, so has other members who are stuck on brands also. A friend shoots only Ruger and has done everything from completely customized Volquartzen without a Ruger part left in it to you name it. I bought a 453 to see if it would shoot and it darn sure did but it wasn't a Remington and my son didn't like the adjustable trigger so I sold it.
The thing is the CZ is more forgiving on hold and ammo than anything we shoot, the 10/22 would probably be next. I had a Kimber that was a tack driver but you had to almost sing to it before firing to be consistent.
The only thing negative about the CZ line is the sights are not removable on models I've seen, the 452-3 don't come with them.
Also the best reasonably prices ammo we have found is the Wolf or SK Standard Plus which makes the Wolf. Eley Tenex may shoot a little better but I'm not capable of shooting better than .25 to .5 consistantly at 50 yard and the Wolf costs 60% less.
Even though the Wolf will shoot well in about anything and of courxe better in some that's not to say you shouldn't experiment, I have a Rem 513t that likes Rem Subsonic as well or better, the CZ will shoot Wallie World Federal Champions out to 100 and the last we bought was 12.80 a brick.
I still shoot Remington, nostalgia or what.
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