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You have to trim to length after sizing cause it will be way long, (it is usually somewhere around the 2.040 range so I trim back to the 1.915 which is 5 thousands under my chamber case length) but I consider that normal case prep and I don't get the dreaded donut like with lapua brass.
A slight fire form is necessary and that will make the shoulders crisp and you may still need to trim. I also anneal after a few reloadings.
The no issues was meaning no primer pocket problems like some have with the softer Hornady brass, but I have heard Hornady has rectified the problem.

I had thought of designing a longer creedmoor with the same taper and to have the shoulder at 1.5598 like the 308 parent case, but with a case length of 2.035 like the 260, change the shoulder angle to 35 degrees like the 284 case, you wouldn't gain any powder capacity over the 260 but it should be a little more efficient than the 260, and possibly get you closer to the velocites of the 6.5 x 284. Plus I shoot a single shot bolt action so I am not worried about magazine length.
Maybe next project down the road.
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