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Nice to meet you

Jones meets Jones

General William E. Jones once caught one of his soldiers up a cherry tere, and ordered him down. "Not yet," said the fellow; "I have not got enough; be down presently." "Come down, I say, at once, sir; I am General Jones." "General, I am glad to meet you; come up, plenty for both, my name is Jones, too." The fellow had not recognized Jones, who looked more like a tramp on horseback than a general.
Post war prison incident
"After Lee and Johnson surrendered, the prisoners confined in various Norhtern prisons were deeply concerned to ascertain what disposition would be made of them by the Federal government. This important question daily agitated their minds, and was the general topic of prison conversations. Many of the theories and rumors were abroad among them. Peter Akers, a bright, witty, and mischievous fellow, a prisoner of war at Fort Delaware, perpetrated the following joke at the expense of cavalry prisoners. He, one evening, walked into barracks, waving a newspaper, saying, 'Boys, it is all settled. The government has determind our fate.' The prisoners crowded around Pete, who mounted a cracker box and began to read:

Washington, D.C., May 25, 1865.

General Order, No. 4320:

"The following dispositions will be made of the prisoners of war now confined in the various prisons of the United States, to-wit: Those who served in the Rebel Infantry will be formed into two lines at the respective prisons and every tenth man will be shot to death; the remainder will be transported to the Dry Tortugas. All prisoners who served in the Rebel artillery will be deported without decimation. Whereas, this Department has received no information tending to prove that those prisoners of war who served in the Rebel cavalry, took an active part in the war against the government, or rendered any aid or comfort to the States in rebellion, it is therefore hereby ordered that they be furnished transportation to their respective homes."

When the cavalry prisoners present saw the point, Pete had to seek safety in flight.
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