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From the DOJ Q&A webpage on this ruling:

Q: Doesn’t this rule create a complex patchwork of standards for parks and refuges?

A: No. The Department is aware that some national parks and wildlife refuges are located in two or more states. In those instances, the law of the state in which the portion of the park or refuge is located will apply to the possession, transport, and carry of concealed, loaded, and operable firearms. This is the same basic approach adopted by the BLM and the USFS, both of which allow visitors to carry weapons consistent with applicable federal and state laws.

Moreover, as is generally the case, visitors remain responsible for familiarizing themselves with and obeying all applicable laws, including the law of the state they are located within. Finally, the NPS and FWS will take appropriate steps to inform visitors about the applicable requirements when a unit is located in more than one state.

Q: Does the Supreme Court’s decision in District of Columbia v. Heller impact the Department’s rule?

A: In our view, the Supreme Court’s decision in Heller does not directly impact our proposal to revise existing federal regulations to more closely conform our regulations to appropriate state laws. But we believe it is consistent with the final rule.
There is also this from the Federal Register:

Under the proposed amendment, visitors must have authority to
possess loaded and concealed firearms on analogous state lands
they will be allowed to carry firearms in Federal park areas and
refuges. In practice, this will mean that two conditions must be met in
order for this proposed regulatory change to permit the possession of
firearms on federal parks and refuges. First, the state in which the
park or refuge unit is located must have laws that allow the individual
to possess concealed and loaded firearms
. And second, the authorization
to carry a concealed and loaded firearm must be applicable on the
analogous state lands in the State in which the park or refuge is
. Where these conditions are present, the proposed amendments
will accommodate State prerogatives with respect to recognition of
licenses issued by other States, including reciprocity agreements.
Individuals authorized to carry firearms under this rule will continue
to be subject to all other applicable state and federal laws.
Accordingly, as stated above, this rule does not authorize the carrying
of concealed firearms in federal facilities in national parks and
wildlife refuges.
Well, that sounds like the firearm structure in Colorado. We will have to wait and see what RMGO comes up with.
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