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Every 3 MONTHS?????

Vergeltung--Re-treat linseed oil-finished wood every 3 months? Boy, am I doing something wrong!

That stock I mentioned having linseed-oiled 40 years ago has received no further treatment except being shot pretty regularly, and carried deer hunting I couldn't say how many times, in all weathers. (BTW, it was the boiled variety of linseed oil that I used, back then, now that I think about it.)

Hate to sound like a curmudgeon, but I have better things to do than re-linseed-oil my gun stocks 4 times a year. (I do make sure they get dried nicely if they get wet, but that's about it for care.)

While I'm on the subject, the Russians linseed-oiled your stock exactly ONCE, if ever, in the years since Stalingrad. Back when it was arsenalled and warehoused. The rest of the time that rifle just sat. It wasn't misused, but they sure-as-heck-didn't give the finish any special attention.

Who said every 3 months--a linseed oil salesman?

ETA--The rifle I mentioned, the stock of which I finished in 1963 for deer season that year, still looks just fine except for a couple of honorable dents and scratches, which I wouldn't dream of removing. I just went and checked.
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