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Mauser furniture, linseed oil?

heya fellas. quick question. in this manual I got (see other thread if interested), it recommends linseed oil for treatment of the furniture on the Mauser. sounds reasonable.

I bought some at the local hardware store. upon reading the instructions there, it says that it should only be used on untreated wood (except for re-applications, of course). that too, sounds reasonable.

herein lies the dilemma; I have a 1941 Mauser that appears to be a russian capture. the furniture, however, has seen alot of love and is in great shape. it's a perfect shade (color), and has a pleasant smell, alot like the neatsfoot oil I put on my baseball mitt as a kid. not a whiff of cosmoline in sight.

the linseed oil, once opened, has a nice smell but it is not anything like the "neatsfoot"-like smell on the Mauser's furniture. thus the dilemma; my Mauser's furniture is clearly not untreated, and further appears to have a nice neatsfoot-like oil treatment....

thoughts? suggestions. I though about huffing the linseed oil fumes and forgetting about the whole thing, but, then I thought I would just ask you guys ijnstead.
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