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Pruedent man test - Someone asks to approach, you tell them "no, stay away", yet they disregard your request. A pruedent man might assume that since they won't respect your wishes, they won't respct you.

On the other side of the transaction, a pruedent man who is told to keep his distance, yet has a legitimate need for assistance, would stop and explain himself (or leave). If further negotiation works out, fine and dandy. If it doesn't, one should seek asssistnace elsewhere.

To click it up a notch, you're in a threatening situation, you draw your weapon and [loudly] warn the threat off. If they take you seriously and leave, fine. (I would then call the cops -) If they don't, and keep coming, how would you react? From my keyboard, I woud assume that, given they have seen my weapon, heard my [loud] demand to stay away, yet they keep coming, I woud fear that they will try to take my weapon and use it against me, and I will shoot them to the ground (i.e. neutralize the threat). Hopefully, there are witnesses, etc. to back up my play.

So, Mr fawcettlee, Max, et al, fans of basic human goodness, how would you play it as described above (and in the OP)? Comments & critiques welcome -
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