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I mean listen, if someone wants to make the case that the 10mm is not an excessive cartridge, then it's not hard to look at the FBI's extensive studies done during that timeframe prove the point. The 10mm is an exceptional service cartridge, and is still in use by many law enforcement agencies in the United States for this very reason.
Actually, that sort of helps the prosecutions case. The FBI got rid of the 10mm handgun because they found it was to much gun for most of thier agents, and very few LE agencies in the US ever adopted the 10mm, much less kept it around.
Tell me, how is it that the prosecutor gets to bring into question the caliber of the defendant's weapon while the defense doesn't get to introduce Mr. Kuenzli's past history of violence?
Because one (the gun) is pertinent to the case at hand, as it was used in the incident. The past history of violence is fairly immaterial for 2 reasons: 1, the defense can't use it unless Fish knew about it before the incident; 2, IIRC, the prosecution admitted to Fish acting aggressively during the incident, so there was no issue of if he could be violent.
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