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A few years back, my agency was disposing of a large number of weapons, including 16s that had been converted to semi (including some that might have been transferable). As the gun guy in my group, I was asked how we could sell them. An exec got twitchy about selling "high powered" weapons and ordered them destroyed instead. I was asked to be the witness and I flat refused.

I read this article and had a moment like Ken's. The idea of altering something that valuable was hard, until you realized that these weapons were being put to their ultimate use: defending the lives of the good guys. If the pistols had souls, I bet they were singing at the chance to get a new change of "clothes" and get back into the fight.

I took an Awerbuck course that included some of Ken's guys. One of these pistols had nothing but problems. The others were flawless (once kept oiled).
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