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Here is the point and exact reasoning as to why you should use the local patrol officer's weapons and ammo exactly.

1.) Your greatest enemy after the incident is over is now the local prosecutor and police.

2.) Both the prosecutor and the police will use everything and anything against you to support their case.

3.) Just about anything can be twisted and turned into a negative. For example, if the local police are carrying 8 shot 1911s in .45 and you are using a P226 with a 20 shot magazine then the argument might be that the police do not feel the need to use such high capacity weapons OR lets say the police are using the P226 with a 20 shot magazine and you are using the 1911 in .45. It could be argued that the police don't feel the need to carry such a large caliber and you used the 1911 for its intimidating effect.

Another example is the rounds. Lets say you use the Winchester Ranger T series (ole Black Talons) and the police use the Federal Hydrashocks. It can be said that you used the ole Black Talon round that the police feel they dont need to use....

You see how the logic can be twisted about.

If you use the exact same rounds, pistol and caliber that the police use and the prosecutor sames something negative about your weapons choice, then they are essentially throwing their own police force under the bus. The prosecutor is not going to throw his buddies under the bus and opening up a can of worms by saying their local force is using inhumane or extraordinary weaponry that no one uses.

So if the local patrol officer is using a Glock 22 with Federal Hydrashocks, then thats what you use. The prosecutor isnt going to throw his officers under the bus.

Lets say the prosecutor mentions this in court and your attorney objects. The judge MIGHT instruct the jurors to disregard, but will the jurors really disregard? Will that bit of information suddenly disappear from their minds? What if your attorney is sleeping and does not object or doesn't have the sense to object?

Take note, Im not saying the police or the prosecutor are generally our enemies or adversaries. However, I think they should be viewed as such when you are sitting with a smoking pistol over a dead body. In that case, then your attorney is your best friend and everyone else is the enemy.

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