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A problem Wal-Mart refuses to address

I have shopped at this Wal-Mart in the past, as I worked and lived in the area in 1998 to 2003, I was a manager at Colerain Dodge. The Kroger on Colerain Ave had uniformed police officers in the parking lot back then because of this type of activity.
This has been happening for years at Wal-marts all over America. If you think that the bad guys don't know that Wal-Mart has refused to address the issue, except when forced to, you are locked in a box.
Get a copy of the documentary, 'The high cost of low price', this has been the cause of robbery, rape, kidnapping and murder and numerous lawsuits against Wal-Mart for lack of or no security at all. My hat goes off to this man for being prepared and knowing how to address this situation, in order to protect his family and himself.
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