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Re-register the gun every three years? Why? It's unnecessarily burdensome.

If the city wants to run a fresh background check on pistol permit holders every three years, that may be their prerogative, but there should be no reason to have to re-register a gun. The serial number isn't going to change.

What could the reason possibly be, except to set folks up for an offense if they miss a deadline? The council only wastes their time on this crap because they lack any meaningful, effective ideas on how to improve living conditions in inner city D.C.

It's obviously more important to them that they simply appear to be accomplishing something, when all they are really doing is pandering to the extreme delusional left. They remind me of teenagers who, once the rules are laid out for them, contrive every imaginable tactic to maneuver around the rules.The intent seems to be to subvert and render meaningless the reason for the ruling in the first place.

In this case, it's the Constitution they are screwing around with. As an American whose family has been in this country since the 1730's, about the time Washington was born, I take this sort of thing very personally.:barf:
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