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yeah other than putting back the original stock you will want to get hime to send you a photocopy of his drivers license for you to keep in your bound book. I just went over this with the BATF while helping out a friend who sold a modern gun (weatherby vanguard to be exact) and mailed it to the 01 FFL. The FFL flipped out and reported him to the BATF, etc.. etc... rampant threats, etc... etc.. the buy was scared silly, but since I am one who has read the BATF reg book that they send out with each 01 and 03 license I knew that he had nothing to worry about and that the 01 dealer was just ignorant of the rules. BATF confirmed that a non licensee can ship to a licensee. For your own books I recommend the Drivers license part so you can say and show exactly who the person is you are receiving the gun from .

just my 2 cents.

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