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Originally Posted by gunsmithing
DO NOT FILE THE FIRING PIN. The problem is the weight of the firing pin. Look at an M1 Garand pin, and see what needs to be done. Just some thinning with a dremmel tool, keeping all work going from front to back. No more slam firing.
I invented the conversion for Century, and still own the original gun. Over 2000 rounds with no problems at all. Clean about every 500. An accurate,1/2 inch preformer. I repeat DO NOT FILE THE FIRING PIN FLAT.
Any source for pre-lightened firing pins?

When I took my MAS to Oleg's house so he could photograph it, he asked if he could take it to the range. "Sure," I said.

"How does it shoot?"

"Don't know. Haven't shot it yet. Remember I only brought the one box of ammo."

He left to go to the range and I stayed at his crib surfing the 'net. He and the other kids came walking back in a few hours later with Oleg's hand all wrapped up and looking like it had been hit with a bat. Yup. Slam-fire. Very first round, and the cocking handle had caught him square on the meaty part of his thumb.
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