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Also, if my father happens to find a C&R rifle that I may want, and I buy it from him, Could he take it to an 01 FFL in Georgia and they can ship it to me, or does he have to ship it to an 01 FFL here still like a non-licenced citizen would still have to go through?
He can ship it straight to you, no transfers needed. FWIW the only time a C&R FFL needs to do a transfer for a C&R firearm is to sell a C&R handgun to an out-of-state non-licensee. Handgun sales to non-licensees must always be transferred through a home-state 01 FFL, including one bought from an out-of-state 01 FFL.

Regarding storage, the only storage provision that applies to a C&R FFL is that the C&R firearms must be stored at the address listed on the license unless they are elsewhere for a legal purpose. The law allows firearms and ammo to be kept at a "separate warehouse" only if that place is used exclusively for firearms and ammo storage. Per the law, you shouldn't store the guns somewhere you might visit for other reasons, such as your workplace or your best friend's house.
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