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The one model 99 Japanese rifle I had before that had the mum in tact and all of the military stocks in nice enough shape that I could also refinish them to look like factory new along with the barrel and receiver sold for $600 in 1998

Took about a ½ year worth of spare time to do it all but it was well worth it considering I got it free from an uncle and got to see what one probably looked like just as it looked when it came out of the factory in WW2.

I told the guy who bought it I had refinished it and he just looked at it and said it was the most amazing refinish job he had ever seen on one of those rifles because had I not told him he never would have even known.

It looked like one in perfect mint shape to him and everyone else that saw it after I finished it.

No telling what he resold it for if he ever did but I’m sure he got more than $600 for it if he did.

There is a way to refinish them to look like brand new but in every case it will depend on the shape they are in to begin with and how careful and meticulously they are refinished.

The ones I have got since then had a bad stock on the sport rifle shown or in the last case no stock at all on the pistol grip rifle so I refinished them in a different way that worked good enough for me.

A rifle with a crummy stock or no stock that has a brand new looking barrel has always been a fun hobby for me to use up some spare time on.

The last two proved to be well worth all the spare time I spent on them and turned into tack drivers I’m going to keep for a long time.

The Japanese had a good ideal how to build those rifles in WW2 and I just took it to another level is all.

Now if I can just find someone to give me a Springfield 1903 LOL
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