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No musical talent?

Can't read a note, hammer on a drum, saw a violin, whistle or even hum a tune? Don't worry, I'll share a secret on how to be a musician. It's very easy. Read the following instructional anecdote.

One of the best jokes that took place in camp occurred at the guard-house, and the hero of it was a private in company I, named Wesley Peake. Upon one occasion he had indulged too freely in bad whisky, and was sent to the guard-house for punishment. He was sentenced to walk post wiht a placard on his back containing the word "Drunk" in large letters. While thus expiating his offence, a woman came in at the gate and was struck with the letters on his back. She stopped to look at them, and trie dhard to make them out, but not being very well versed in English, she found herself at fault. She spelled the word as far as the letter "u," but could get no farther, and, after repeating it several times, she was about to give up the task in despair. Peake overheard her trying to deciper the rude, and not complimentary, inscription on his back, and resolved to help her out to his own advantage. He said to her, "Madam, the letters are d-r-u-m, and they spell drum. - I'm the drum-major of the regiment." Not be particularly well versed in military matters she accepted his explanation, and turned away entirely satisfied.
I hope to catch one of you on TV leading the Boston Pops.
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