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New to the idea of C&R

But I do have a couple questions.

I seem to recall a while back, I read for an FFL, you are required to have a protected place to store the firearms. Does this count for the 03? I read through the FAQ from a link that was posted a couple threads down, and nothing was mentioned.

Due the the economy and the type of work I'm in, I can't afford a big fire safe at the moment. Would one of those inexpensive 14 or so locking gun cabinets be safe enough to qualify if needed? I know it's far from the best, but it's better than nothing. The possiblilty of a safe is the only thing holding me back right now, due to all the inspections that are happening back east.

Also, if my father happens to find a C&R rifle that I may want, and I buy it from him, Could he take it to an 01 FFL in Georgia and they can ship it to me, or does he have to ship it to an 01 FFL here still like a non-licenced citizen would still have to go through?
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