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I certainly hope I'm one of those people who believe in the innate goodness of people. I've certainly had my chance to lose a little bit of that optimism after 16 years of newspaper photography. I don't compare myself to a LEO or a FD personnel but I've seen more than my share of what human beings are willing to do to each other and to what state circumstances can bring them.
That doesn't mean I'm not prepared, within the law, to defend me and mine if that's called for.
My threat radar, in 17 years of living a one of the most dangerous cities in the country, has only gone off a few times. Considering where I live, if it went off every time someone behaved like the possible BG, I'd have to barricade myself in and never leave the house. Stuff like that just happen around here.
However, I certainly don't think I'm particularly naive, considering home invasion murders, drive by shootings, hell, walk by shootings, stabbing death have all happened within a half a block to a few blocks of where I'm typing this right now. That's why a HK USP .40 with 165 gr. Fed. Hydra-Shock HPs is sitting next to the computer.
I'm just saying mine is set to my personal filter settings and it suits me fine, just like OP's suits him.
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