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I had a nice Remington 700 BDL in 7mm Remington Magnum for a while and I had the eye relief adjusted perfect for myself and in the way j.chappel explains.

What would happen was when I was at the range with friends who wanted to shoot it they would stick their eye right up to the scope and in every case when I was not watching them real close fire a round off with the scope about an inch away from their face.

Then they would show me the cut eyebrow they had just acquired from firing it off like that while also saying that rifle is just way too powerful for them and it bruised their shoulder LOL

That 30-06 will do the same as just about any high powered rifle would do also if that scope is not set up for you just right or you stick your eye an inch away from the scope and have it in the wrong place on your shoulder.

Do some research on line about eye relief for rifle scopes or take it by a good gunsmith who can set it all up just right for you and explain a lot about getting the proper eye relief and scope adjustment so it fits into your shoulder just right.

Other options would be find a good gun club and talk to other members who can help you learn how to make it all work for you so you do not end up with a cut eyebrow or a very sore bruised shoulder either way.

When you swing that rifle up to the perfect position on your shoulder and your cheek on the stock you should instantly be able to sight right thru the scope at that very same instant.
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