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Having read CWiley's posts I reflect back on some of the "confrontations" of my life... Many of which were fist fights of which I rarely was the first to strike out. Many I won and several were losses. But I know for a fact that my mouth can and has gotten me in a lot of trouble, more times than it has gotten me out of trouble. Never once with a gun on my person or in my vehicle have I ever lipped off to another person.
One of the most scared moments of my life I was 18 and leaving work on a 30 minute lunch break. I was second car in the left turn lane and the guy in front of me sat thru 2 full green arrows... I gave a beep next time it turned green and he looked out his window at me. I told that ol' bearded guy to come the F on and go... He opened his door and I was ready to scrap and hopped my butt out only to see he was holding a quite large stainless revolver... right then and there I decided not only could this fella take as long as he like but to *TRY* to watch what I say to strangers...
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