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Where to put it

Many people make the same mistake when it comes to sleeping with a gun handy. Never, ever, EVER put your gun in an unsecured place. That means on (some) bedside tables, on a pillow or even under a pillow. Any place like this is very bad. And I don't mean because someone can grab it or your kids could get it- or even that an angry wife could get it (!!!)
The problem is that if you put your gun in a place like this- as you move around during the night the gun can too. If you are half awake and reach for your gun it might not be where you left it. It might have been pushed around and be only 6 inches from where you think it should be. During a break-in this could be imposible to find during a panic.
ALWAYS keep you gun in a place where it won't move from. You don't have to use a safe. Maybe put it in a bedside drawer or tuck it under the mattress. How about mounting a holster on the bed frame?
Just be sure that it will be in the same place every time you reach for it.
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